Mixers should first pay attention to safety issues


1. motor is not waterproof.
Vintage motor is the most afraid of water. Now good brands are waterproof. The cup does not tighten the juice drain into the machine will not burn machine? Will it be electric shock? Pour the water into the water from below, the motor is not bad? Does not touch the electric shock? These are in the inspection of the motor's waterproof performance. Remember to use waterproof motor.
2. why should the motor have thermal protection?
The role of overheating protection, is in the normal work conditions, to prevent the motor temperature is too high to cause serious damage to the machine burning.
Overheat protection device not only has the function of protecting the motor, but also can enhance the working life of the motor.
3. safe to use?
The machine has a built-in switch (not the kind of switch on the TV, but a stealth switch), the blade alone on the host machine will not work. Even if you forget to shut down, built-in overheat protection device will automatically cut off the power supply, daily use is very safe and convenient.
4. Why use food grade plastic?
The so-called "food-grade" plastic, that is, direct contact with food, will not cause harmful chemical composition of the human body or precipitation of harmful substances, the taste of food will not have any impact.
Plastic is the most commonly used substance in daily life, unqualified or polluted, and so on, such as the most common disposable cups and so on. Therefore, the choice of cooking machine is important, plastic accessories are also very important.