No residue Soymilk really no slag?


Soybean milk, as a traditional Chinese beverage, has a history of more than a thousand years. Even in the 21st century, soy milk is also one of the necessities for Chinese nutrition breakfast. The use of traditional soybean milk machine beater biting, although soy milk can be made, but a lot of bean dregs, low utilization of soybeans, taste is not good.

Since ancient times, the ancient method of pulp is used "grinding." In the "Heavenly Creations" records "not easy to produce pulp, beans, beans can still be the only way of grinding is very difficult, the beans do not have to drive a good mill." Inspired by the ancient method of refining, Supor R & D team devoted themselves to research, subvert the era of biting beating, so that the ancient stone technology to reproduce the modern kitchen.

Real grinding alcohol machine innovation using a true grinding technology, the reduction of the ancient refining. Unlike other Soy milk products cutting, real alcohol machine will "head" replaced by "stainless steel mill."

Soybeans, millet and other grains will be from the bottom of the steel mill inlet inhalation, and then transferred to the disc, after grinding, squeezing into countless small particles, and after airtight cooking, the final formation of no residue without filtering, Adequate retention of alcohol rich pulp.