Pay attention to the following points when choosing a safe and durable iron


Consider the load capacity of household electricity meters. If the household watt-hour meter is 1.5A or 2.0A, the power of the electric iron should exceed 500W. Otherwise easily lead to accidents, but also affect the use of other appliances at the same time.
To buy electric iron rubber insulated textile flexible wire, do not buy plastic or PVC flexible wire products.
Because this kind of electric wire is apt to be burned and broken by the burning hotplate and cause the electric shock accident. At the same time, the purchase of iron power cord cross-sectional area of more than 0.75mm, the plug rating must be above 10A.
To do the electrical safety inspection. When the purchase will be electric iron, check for shorts, open circuit phenomenon, at the same time with the test pen or hand back touch the metal shell of the electric iron, such as the test pen neon flicker or no flash numb feeling, then the iron is a comparison safe.
Choose the appearance. Light grip handle to see if it is comfortable, check the floor with or without scratches, rust, peeling phenomenon, buttons, knobs stalls to be clear. Pick up the iron gently shake, there should be no loose or abnormal sound.