Product categories


Juice machine is divided into three categories, mixer, single-function juicer, multifunction juice mixer.
1, electric orange special kind: the juice machine is a machine used to press the fruit juice, fruit such as oranges, grapefruit and lemon.
2, juice mixer: this is a machine that can be used to beat soft fruit, and stir into mud, application is very wide, in addition to fruit juice, can also be used in cooking up home use.
3, juicer, this is because some more fruits and vegetables fiber components, such as sugar cane, carrots, etc., so the juicer can make use of the role of efficient separation, separate the juice and residue, can more fully and effectively helps the body to absorb nutrients of fruits and vegetables.
Fruit juice machine (2)
4, multifunctional fruit juicer, blender, juicer, bean grinding machine, and soybean milk machine, multi-function design, very can meet the demand of modern economic benefit.