Pure soy milk


   Especially like the above layer of skin with milk cooked after the floating above the milk almost more nutritious soy milk benefits a lot more than just eat soybeans is more likely to attract digestion, but can not be excessive, generally do not exceed 500ML once.
Ingredients: soybeans 200 grams
Accessories :water amount
1. Wash the soybeans after the water, the water can not be soybeans can, soak overnight.
2. Then put the soybeans into the juicer's filter.
3. Add the water, the water level to the juicer of the highest line of defense cover fork on the power switch to boot about 2-3 minutes.
4. Pour into the pot, it is best to take a soup pot (anti-overflow), fire boil.
5.Cook until the emergence of floating foam, turn the fire, the scum off eight.

    6. And then boil, so boil three times.
7. Completed.