Sandwich practice


   Sandwich, the most suitable for work gens. Eat cold and hot to eat at noon to do warm-up, lunch is also very good, not only can stay away from greasy food, and ensure that the intake of healthy elements.
   Material: 1 slices of tomato (without peeling), fresh lettuce, 1 leaves, no starch ham slices, Bacon, (if no Bacon, peeled bacon can be cut into thin slices instead), toast slices
   Seasoning: Kraft mayonnaise
   1. slice of toast, hot fire pan, put the oil into the pot will not, toast both sides Kang to yellowish jiaocui;
   2. spread the square leg slices on toast and thick with salad dressing or thousand island dressing;
   3. cover the tomato slices.
   4. covers a slice of roast toast, put lettuce, and then poured a layer of salad sauce;
   5. cover the pan and fry the crisp Bacon. If there is no Bacon, cut thin peel streaky bacon, fried can replace. If you are in trouble, use smoked ham;
   6. and then put on a piece of toast, complete. It can be cut open or cut diagonally, so that it is easy to eat.
   1., choose a stiff tomato is better. If the water more, please wipe dry tomato slices with water, otherwise it will.
   2. I do not love the starch containing ham, eat a mouthful of dregs, no starch ham eats crisp and refreshing, and health.
   3. mayonnaise is a salad dressing, the market salad sauce in Japanese and American style, taste partial light and partial thick greasy, can choose according to different preferences. The former is the "chubby", mustard flavor is relatively heavy, the latter is "Kraft", milk taste is heavy. The sauce for KFC is "Kraft."". I usually make my own salad dressing. I can control the intake of the oil. I'll talk about it later if everyone is interested;
   4.bacon, commonly used to Western-style food inside the material, smoked pork, taste like fresh meat, but the meat is tender, not so hard. The use of time is often the pot do not put oil fried to crisp, collocation Poached Egg or clip a piece of bread or just eat.