Selection principle of kitchen appliance


1.Brand and service is the most important

International brand products have strict requirements in various parts procurement, production process, quality control and other aspects, the general quality is reliable, customer service and perfect service system, the Chinese cooking habits is different with the west, Chinese love cooking fry cook, lampblack is heavy, need a large suction hood and gas fire the habit of eating Western-style food kitchen; Europe, lampblack is lighter, the suction hood and gas stove fire is generally small. Therefore, it is recommended not easily used without China type transformation from.

2.Choose health, environmental protection

The kitchen is a major source of pollution for the family and the kitchen is also the center of a family's enjoyment of life. Kitchen appliances as the core component of the kitchen, whether it is healthy, environmental protection function is essential!

  1. Low consumption is called Province

Life at home, the use of energy-saving, low consumption of electrical products, is called to save money. Don't just focus on the product price is cheaper, more important is to see whether the product itself energy-saving and low consumption function. Such as: lampblack machine whether there is a "high speed, low speed, soft" three speed, long time cooker can use soft power and speed, mute; gas stove is pure blue fire, whether it has more than 4.2kW large firepower; whether the wave shaped disinfection, whether there is intelligent tracking disinfection function.

4 .Integration of kitchen and electric

With the increasing popularity of the overall kitchen, kitchen appliances as an integral part of the kitchen embedded products, must reflect the "kitchen and electric integration" concept, to achieve harmony among the elements. This requires not only "kitchen electricity" and "cabinet" between "integration", "kitchen power" and "kitchen electricity", from the internal function matching to external aesthetics, design should also have a complete set of design concept.