Slow juicer technical principle and the main difference


Speed: slow technology (three: 60 rev / min, 70 rev / min, 80 rev / min);
High-speed centrifugation (15000 rpm)
Tip: Slow technology No blade (rely on the spiral chewing propeller), high-speed centrifugal technology with sharp blade.
Features: In general, high-quality slow-speed juicer units are equipped with commercial induction motors and food-grade non-metallic helical thrusters (eg Omega with ULTEM), slow extrusion at speeds of 80 or less per minute, Juice technology. Extractable wheat grass and other pure leaf juice.
Centrifugal use of high-speed (blade as above), smash ingredients, then crushed ingredients thrown into the filter at high speed, juice is filtered, the residue thrown fruit barrels.
Nutritional Retention: Slow juicer, using squeeze, grinding extraction of fruit and vegetable juices. The work process will not touch too much air, it will not heat up, 100% of the preserved fruits and vegetables in the vitamins, enzymes and other nutrients.
High-speed centrifugal juicer, the grinding process will increase the temperature, and full contact with the air. During this period, most of the enzymes and some vitamins have been oxidized, losing the nutritional value of the human body.