Smoke machine, stove selection material comparison is the key


   Now the European-style machine on the market there are two main materials, one is stainless steel, one is aluminum, and some, such as frosted glass, paint and so on. Stainless steel material has long been popular, is the choice of kitchen material on the choice.
   Stainless steel and aluminum compared to the density of aluminum close to 2.7 grams per cubic meter, about 1/3 of stainless steel, its low strength, easy to scratch in daily use, not wear, easy to paint, a long time easy Darken, lose the original luster. A lot of aluminum hood if usually without maintenance, after a few years, will become appalling. Stainless steel high strength, the more with the more bright, so anti-fouling, concealment are better, is often used in new things.
   If you consider the appearance of fashion, the market appeared on the new film corrosion resistance, easy to clean than aluminum, can be considered as the first choice after the stainless steel.
Smoke machine, stove glass material surface is smooth, easy to scrub, but compared with stainless steel is easy to be scratched, especially frosted glass is very easy to clean, and oil traces more obvious, choose to consider the actual situation.
   Choose the most important gas stove is of course to pay attention to the material of the burner, the stove has a "stove with the heart," said, directly related to the use of stove effect and service life. At present, the stove on the market there are two main burner: aluminum alloy burner and copper burner head. Copper thermal conductivity is good, good heat dissipation, high thermal efficiency, easy to produce tempering. While the thermal conductivity of aluminum is not good, poor heat dissipation, thermal efficiency also will decline, likely to cause tempering.