Steam cleaner


Please do not let the children alone or no adults to look after children too close. 2. To prevent electric shock, do not use the power cord or plug into water or other liquid. 3. The power cord and plug should be in good condition, if the damage or failure should stop using it. And send designated service replacement. 4. This product only for household, shall not be used for industrial applications. 5. When the container is not full of water, shall not be switched on. 6. Use the power supply shall comply with the provisions of the manufacturers of products. 7. Operation, the container must be blocked sealed mouth, helmet should be screwed in place. 8. Must use special grounding line socket. 9. The timing Angle shall not be greater than 45 degrees, or boiled water will be overflowing with steam. 10. May aim the steam flow of human, animal and other electrical products. 11. Be sure to wipe out the plug of water, cut off power supply. After use, and maintenance must pull out the plug before clean utensils. 12. Will not rust remover, balmy agent, alcohol and detergent join container, easy to damage. Special note: don't be too full of water, otherwise it will affect to produce steam or vapour pressure is too high.

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