Steam Cleaning vs Traditional Mopping


The traditional mopping involves a bucket of hot water, a detergent and a reliable mop. Traditional mops already have a variety of shapes and sizes, such as flat mop, sponge mop and a variety of items that help keep the hard floor clean.

In the past, you might need a bucket to pick up the tax on the mop so that your floor would not be wet when you were dragged. Today, many traditional mops are equipped with their own drying system to do this, this is indeed a very time-saving, and cleaning can also help the whole drying time.

Many people like to clean the floor in this way because there is nothing more exciting than those fresh smells, and once you finish, this feels no less than an hour of exercise in the gym.

Steam cleaning has been applied for some time, and it is a new way, because people spend less time on housework than before. There is no need to come up with a bucket, waiting for it to fill the water, and then take it to clean the floor.

Another aspect of steam cleaning is to get rid of the harmful bacteria you can not see. The steam temperature is very high, which in effect will kill 99.99% of the bacteria that could cause various diseases. General household detergents can contain ingredients that some of us react to. Not only that, these ingredients may remain on your floor, which is a potential hazard to the child.

Steam cleaning will help get rid of the invisible bacteria that traditional mops can not see. The use of steam to clean the drying time is much faster, because the amount of water left less. You do not need a potentially harmful cleaning agent. You only need one tool when you steam clean your floors.

Depending on the type of steam cleaner you are buying, you can also choose to clean the floor outside of the place. For example, countertops or tiles can be given good cleaning without the need for additional settings.

The cost of a traditional mop is low, but remember that you also need a bucket and maybe one or two brushes. If you are the type of exercise you like to clean the floor, perhaps the traditional mop is what you should stick with. As you can see, I believe you get more benefits from steam cleaning, but it really depends on what you choose.

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