Stir the fruit


   Fruit agitation is an important function of a mixer that is of concern to consumers and a function that is easily confused by consumers. Many mixers are playing the juice of the juicer, again, I would like to remind the reader, the mixer is unable to make pure fruit juice. There are two main ways to deal with the fruit of the mixer: the first is the use of soy milk cup, the fruit into the milk cup net, add water, milk or other drinks as a solution, start the mixer to stir. This method can be fruit juice into the solution, get mixed fruit juice, and you can use soy milk cup net cover most of the pomace; the second is the fruit directly into the milk cup, do not use the net cover, add water , Milk or other beverage as a solution, start the mixer to stir. This way the juice, pomace and solution can be mixed together to get a cup of mixed fruit drinks.
 (1) soy milk (cross knife): soy soaked day, remove and put into the filter container with water, tighten the tool cover, polished by the host heart,
(2) complement (word knife): sesame seeds, walnuts, almonds, rock sugar through the host polished into ultra-fine powder to take.
(3) body care (cross knife): apples, citrus, bananas, strawberries, peaches, etc. plus water polished fruit juice drinking water.
(4) skin care (cross knife): cucumber, aloe vermicelli, do mask.
(5)kitchen (one, cross knife): pulp, fish paste, egg pulp, garlic, ginger mud, broken ice, broken rock sugar and other spare.