The advantages and disadvantages of various types of coffee machines


    There are more and more people who drink coffee now. Many people choose the blind comparison of coffee equipment, in order to allow the majority of people who love coffee can spend the least money to buy the most suitable equipment.
  Coffee pot articles
   1. Automatic coffee machine: as long as the coffee beans on the pork, sink filled with water inside, after a few seconds, a cup of fragrant coffee appeared in front of you.
Advantages: simple operation, coffee after a moment of high-pressure brewing, rich flavor.
Disadvantages: high prices - really expensive!
   2. Charge the electric kettle pot: add water in the bottom of the pot body, put the middle of the coffee powder, and then put the powder funnel on the bottom of the pot body, the upper and lower pot body tightened. Plug in the power, a few minutes later, the cooked coffee all overflow to the top of the pot body, it is completed.
   Advantages: the operation is also simple, coffee after high pressure after the rich, pure, the price from tens of dollars to several hundred dollars.
   Disadvantages: After drinking coffee, it is best to clean the coffee pot, or a long time to influence the appearance of the pot body.
3. Charged semi-automatic coffee machine: Put the coffee powder at the handle, put the handle on the coffee machine, plug in the power, and soon a cup of coffee to cook. The price of the cheapest also a few hundred dollars.
   Advantages: semi-automatic coffee machine boiled coffee and automatic coffee machine, but also through the instant high-pressure brewed out, the taste is also very rich.
   Disadvantages: use coffee powder, and cook the coffee to immediately clean.
   4. Charged American coffee pot (that is, people commonly used drip coffee pot)
The price from tens of dollars to several hundred dollars, the coffee powder into the powder tank, water into the sink, plug in the power, click the button, the coffee will drop down, in fact, it is the principle of the coffee filter down.
   Advantages: the use is also very simple.
   Disadvantages: boiled coffee taste is not strong enough.