The benefits of a massager on your body


Massage in China has a long history of development, ancient massage health has been said, Chinese massage is the essence of the development of several thousand years, then what kind of massage can achieve the effect of health care?. Now let's look at the experts' introduction to the benefits of the massager.
1. massage can reduce migraine headaches
If you've been suffering from migraines, you might be able to consider getting a massage. Researchers at the Oakland University (University of Auckland) found that people who suffered from migraines slept better and had fewer migraines after a period of massage.
2. massage can relieve the pain caused by exercise
Studies have found that massage can relieve inflammation of skeletal muscles that are damaged during exercise. Buck Institute for Research on Aging McMaster University and Canada in Ontario researchers found that massage can relieve muscle inflammation, which is often the source of soreness after exercise, massage effect and anti-inflammatory drugs, can let swelling gradually disappear.
3., massage can make you look younger
Massage stimulates the circulation of the blood, which is why gentle massage and kneading can make your face look healthier and more rosy. Skin care expert Kimara Ahnert told the "healthy women" magazine (Women's Health) reporter, massage can let loose skin to restore full, to stimulate the lymphatic system, promote cell detoxification, and absorb more nutrients, energize your body.
4. massage can relieve the symptoms before menstruation
Studies have shown that massage can drive off mood swings, swelling, headaches, weight gain, and other premenstrual symptoms (PMS). The researchers found that regular massage can relieve premenstrual symptoms in women between the ages of 19 and 45.
5. massage can relieve chronic pain
By chronic soft tissue pain (arthritis, fibromyalgia, intervertebral disc herniation and degenerative arthritis) who are suffering, the pain can be greatly alleviated after several courses of massage, a licensed massage therapist Nancy M. Porambo told us. "From the patients I come across, the treatment of pain with massage is very effective."." She says. "A lot of people...... Amazed at the enormous role that massage can play."
6., massage can improve the quality of life of cancer patients
Researchers in Boston have found that people with metastatic cancer sleep better, suffer pain, and improve their overall quality of life after undergoing massage therapy. Studies in 2004 show that massage therapy can relieve pain, nausea, fatigue, depression, stress and other symptoms of cancer.