The Difference Between the Juice Extractor and the Mixer


Juicer extractor and mixer are often encountered in the life, but many people are not their function is so clear, and sometimes they will be wrong, the following is to tell you what is the difference between the juice extractor and the mixer?

Mixer is generally divided into two kinds, one for the glass, you can play fruit and other things, it is the advantage of flesh and juice together, will not destroy the fiber ingredients in the fruit, you can do milk And so on, when you can put some milk, then put some bananas and ice, etc., the effect is very good.

The second is a plastic cup, it has the advantage of the cup than the first one more than a network, you can make raw milk, suggesting that you can drink Oh, of course, it can also be the same as the juicer juice residue separation , Although the effect may be slightly less than a little less. But if you do ice, it is necessary to use a good plastic cup, or will break the cup, playing fruit to add some water, otherwise the fruit is sticky in the cup, the head can not beat.

And the juicer refers to the fruit juice and body into the type of separation, but this destroyed the fruit of the fiber, and you drink the juice, and most of the fiber in the pulp, and the flesh can not eat, and most Of the juicer for the juice residue separation effect is not very good, slag is not a very dry bath, resulting in a great waste. Playing watermelon juice will produce leakage of juice, because watermelon water, most of the machine design is unreasonable, leading to juice from the gap in the machine out. From the nutritional point of view, the mixer made the stuff than the juicer to make something more nutritious ingredients, because he will not destroy the fruit of the fiber.

In fact, the difference between juicer and mixer are not big, as long as the rational use of them on it. Oh, the juicer features a lot, not only can squeeze milk, you can also squeeze fresh fruit and vegetable juice, of course, you can also meat, you can drink chili powder, You can not wear a variety of beans and sugar and so on.