The Oven capacity selection


   The Oven capacity selection is very important, the family baking oven capacity not too small, less than twenty large size of this volume is a bit too small The size of the oven is too small means a few questions:
     First, the oven temperature may be poor control, the oven content is small, the heat is too concentrated, the temperature is generally higher than normal (Note: this does not mean that the big oven must not have this problem);
    Second, you can only bake a small dish of food, do a food you have to bake a lot of disk to end the fighting;
   The third is to affect the quality of food, because like Qifeng cake, finger biscuits so easy to defoaming the food can not stand for a long time, do a lot of time to break the biscuits will find trouble;
   Four will be limited to some of the big mold you can not use, such as professional Qi style, this mold itself has a certain height, when the baking will expand, the food may be against the baking tube, and some big bread , The cake of the mold or you want to bake two toast at the same time, too small oven can not help you complete.
In the case of family circumstances, should try to choose a large number of ovens. Place the oven to take into account the cooling of the oven, the oven on, after, left and right four positions have to leave some space out. Put the oven table must not be wood and other flammable items, the walls around the oven is also the best heat-resistant materials, do not put the wallpaper attached to the wall.