The product features of the cooking machine


   Nice: reflected in the design of the product appearance exquisite, harmony and fusion and other items, when food cooking machine this "good-looking" placed in the room, not only food cooking machine itself is pleasing, but also makes the space around the objects in the more sense of quality. With these two characteristics of the food processing machine, has become a high-quality food processing machine standards.
  Convenient operation: The utility model has the advantages of convenient operation, easy cleaning, easy disassembly of the cup body and host machine and convenient storage, and the knife holder can be conveniently used alternately. The design of a press type switch is adopted in this machine, if you hold the cup, the cup frame drives the tool start to work, stop work when released, if the first press cup to rotate clockwise, you can lock the switch of continuous work.
   Safety: the product is equipped with a safety starting device and an overheating protection device. It is not dangerous because of overheating of the motor.