The use of coffee machine steps


    Choose coffee powder. In fact, coffee beans are OK, it is necessary to wear their own grinding. There are a variety of flavors of coffee, what vanilla flavor ah, there are five tastes of taste, from MILD to DARK.
    With filter paper, there are bamboo to do, there are ordinary. The filter paper into a funnel-shaped, according to personal taste will be a few tablespoons of coffee powder into the filter paper (usually put on the number of coffee packaging will be). The benefits of filter paper is great, not only can filter slag, but also increase the flow of coffee over the time, so that coffee becomes fragrant, but also easy to clean.
    Put the coffee in the filter basket like this into the filter basket, that is, the filter basket, as far as possible.
    Pour all the water from the coffee pot into the water filter behind the coffee machine, and the scale in the water reservoir should be the same as the coffee maker's scale.
    Cover the top cover, place the coffee maker and turn on the switch.
    Start out of coffee, you can do other things.