These daily necessities can also protect the car


   Usually referred to maintenance, most people will think of 4S shop, so that they use a professional car supplies to the car for a maintenance, so that will be effective, in fact, we have a lot of daily necessities can play a certain maintenance role, the price Not high, today to give you the daily life of the car care tips.
   Talc powder chemical door seal
   The body of the rubber pieces and so will increase with the use of the car gradually aging. Such as in the rain after the opening of the door, often there will be no smooth and accompanied by "squeak" sound, in fact, this is the door seal rubber ring signs of aging, there is such a situation, can be coated with a talcum powder Sewn above, can immediately seal the surface of the sealing strip to smooth, so that the door open and close freely, no sound.
   Toothpaste remove scratches
   Toothpaste in addition to brushing can remove scratches? Yes, the parts of the toothpaste are somewhat similar to the ingredients of some scratches. The face of the car unfortunately after the scratches, to the car beauty shop to do a small piece of paint is expensive and easy to leave color, this time your home toothpaste can come in handy: first scratches washed with water, and then Take a clean cloth or towel, dip a little toothbrush in the scratches repeatedly gently rub, until the scratches disappear or weakened with wipes can be wiped dry, in fact, is the use of toothpaste in the abrasive ingredients, The paint was polished to restore it as new.
    Wind oil to fine
     The domestic car to be legal on the road, it must be in the front windshield paste a variety of signs, and in the annual review of the replacement; and now there are many owners like to paste some personal stickers on the surface of the body. But it is well known that when you want to clear these stickers, the residue is difficult to remove, sticky sticky too much, and itself can waterproof high temperature, the advantages of these stickers become a big problem when cleaning, in fact, We can put the surface of the stickers coated with essential oil (fine a little more effective), waiting for a moment you can use a dry cloth to wipe, stickers will fall off, and leave no trace.
     Soap cleaning leather seats
     Leather seats scared hard objects scratched, more afraid of chemical cleaning agent corrosion. But the light-colored leather seats is too easy to dirty, to the car beauty shop to do cleaning, multi-use foam detergent, dry leather surface hardened, and a small crack. In fact, the leather seats can be very corrosive transparent soap cleaning, not only good decontamination, and dry skin soft and shiny, very effective.
    Detergent cleaning rubber parts
    Detergent non-toxic no rot, strong detergency, used to clean some of the car's rubber parts have a very rough effect. For example, your slush center console dirty, you can pour the right amount of detergent and water for cleaning, the effect is very obvious, the body of some shellac can also use this method.
    Active oil
    In addition to being able to deal with people's bruises, used in the removal of the car on the dirt, easy and effective without leaving traces. But also save the owner to buy asphalt detergent a sum of money.