Use of bread machine


   1, clean the bread machine bread bucket, until clean and clean, remove the bread barrel from the bread machine, pour the water has been stirred, such as water, milk or eggs, ready and face.
   2, according to their own taste choice, if you want to do salty bread, then add a salt in the corner of the bread barrel, if you like sweet, you can sugar in the other side of the barrel of sugar.
   3, add the ingredients, the flour into which, and make the flour to cover the water.
   4, do not rush to stir, to dig a hole in the flour, into the yeast powder, do not forget to ferment this step, otherwise it will affect the production of bread.
   5, everything is ready, the bread bucket installed to the bread machine, and can be connected to plug in the power supply.
   6, select the program, in accordance with the procedures of each different bread machine, select the corresponding hair program, so you can wait for the hair, press the start button, the bread machine began to knead the surface, the production of bread to complete the formal program.
   7, the bread machine will automatically stop after stirring for some time, then hold down the "start / stop" button for three seconds to end the program. Otherwise the dough will start fermenting.
   8, stir well, add softened butter, once again repeat the "dough" program, until the dough to reach the extended state.
   9, some bread machine has the characteristics of features, such as booking functions, etc., which can be added to the inside of sesame seeds, pine nuts or raisins and other accessories, according to the bread machine.