What are the kitchen appliances?


   In our lives, our common kitchen small appliances mainly include food preparation, food preparation, food cooking, kitchen hygiene, etc., the kitchen inside the small appliances particularly much, I hope everyone in the purchase of small appliances when certain To choose a good, or else we will achieve less effective results.
We live in the kitchen of small household appliances he mainly includes four categories, because these four categories are so that we can make a lot of delicious food, but also to keep our kitchen clean and tidy, let us achieve Happy, eat the rest assured.  Here to see what happens together.
Kitchen utensils in the small household appliances in the food preparation category of a vegetable machine, and noodle machine, slicing machine, can opener, food processing machine, whisk, stirrer, meat grinder, fruit and vegetable peel machine, coffee mill, food mixer , Electric cutters, etc., it's these small appliances is a preparatory work before doing food.
Kitchen small household appliances in the preparation of the class of juicers, yogurt generator, popcorn, shaver, snow, etc., which can help us both simple and convenient to do food, these small appliances at the same time his power consumption is Relatively low, so that we in the production process, we can save our time, money, and we can also eat delicious food!
Kitchen utensils in the small household appliances in the cooking category with electric stove, integrated kitchen stove, microwave oven, love home with steam stove, microcrystalline stove, cooker, rice cooker, electric oven, toast, electric steamer, fryer, Electric cooker, electric cooker, electric box, electric pressure cooker, sandwich oven, electric baking pan, electric wok, steamer, meat broiler, coffee machine, electric grill and so on. Relatively speaking, this is a small kitchen appliances in a major event.
Kitchen utensils in the kitchen with a dishwasher, dishwasher, electric water heater, tableware drying oven, garbage compactor, food residue processor, smoke hood, gas stove, disinfection cabinet, electric water boilers, water Equipment, magnetic water, electric kettle, UV disinfection, etc., these small appliances is to ensure that we can eat healthy food, let us and eat well, while they can achieve a healthy eating effect.