What kind of raw materials is better


    Stainless steel kitchen utensils: stainless steel kitchen utensils for the modern push, in the catering industry is more and more widely used, not only because it is not simple rust, stainless steel kitchenware also has a lot of other advantages, such as thermal conductivity, cooking efficiency ; Not easy to wear; appearance and function diversity, suitable for the development of modern catering industry needs; from the health point of view, stainless steel kitchenware is more stable than aluminum kitchenware, more conducive to human health.
   Wooden kitchen utensils: wooden kitchen utensils are good heat insulation is not simple, raw materials are relatively soft, do not damage the pot and so on; but wood kitchenware also has its inevitable defects, such as long-term use of simple stained bacteria, and quality Bad wooden kitchen utensils simply damaged; timely damage is slightly after the appearance of not lubrication, and therefore clean up there are some difficulties.
   Aluminum kitchen utensils: stainless steel kitchen utensils before the implementation of the use of aluminum kitchenware was the mall of the mainstream. Most of its strengths and stainless steel kitchen have similarities, but the recent scientific research found that aluminum in the aluminum can not contain strong acid or alkaline food, in the normal cooking, boiling water, soup, will not dissolve Less aluminum ion. And aluminum ions will accelerate the aging of the human body, and even lead to Alzheimer's disease. Therefore, the long-term use of aluminum kitchenware on human damage is obvious.