What's the difference between a juicer and a blender?


   The juice extractor has a single function and can only be used to squeeze juice. The juice is pressed by the motor to drive the knife net to rotate rapidly, the food is pushed from the feed port to the knife net, and the fruit is cut and separated from the fruit juice and the fruit pulp through the knife net. The machine pressed out of the system, with no fruit juice, more suitable for love and pure fruit juice friends.
    Compared with the function of the extractor, the mixer has many functions. The mixer configuration Soybean Milk cup can make Soybean Milk, would be a good soaking soybeans into the filter, the water to a maximum scale line Soybean Milk cup position, start the mixer start Soybean Milk chipped. Soybean Milk system is completed, the filter can filter impurities, leaving the remaining Soybean Milk, the user only needs to lay a good Soybean Milk brewed OK when eaten.
    In addition to the above described mixer, blender grinding can also seasonings, such as our daily cooking needs of pepper powder and chili powder can use a blender to grinding, grinding function of mixer is designed for food or accessories developed.
     Blender can also be used to make juice, but the juice produced by the juicer is not comparable, because the blender is not pure fruit juice, but also contains pulp in the juice. Using a blender to make juice, we usually add milk or other beverages with forges a cup of mixed juice, while the flesh filtration filter can get a cup of pure fruit juice.http://www.kitchen-home-appliance.com/