When using the iron to pay attention to matters


Iron is a high-power electrical appliances, when in use need to pay attention to the matter:
1. Electric iron must use three-phase plug, and must be grounded or zero protection device.
2. Because the electric iron is at least 300 watts of power, so you must use the thick wire to connect the iron, in order to ensure sufficient capacity. The company is located in:
3. The household electric meter should have sufficient capacity. Generally, a 300-watt electric iron needs a 2.5-ampere meter, a 500-watt electric iron needs a 3-ampere meter, a 750-watt electric iron needs a 5-ampere meter, and a 1000-watt electric Iron must be equipped with 10 ampere meter.
4. When using the interval, to erect the iron, or placed in the iron, ceramic and other insulation materials, so as not to ignite the items.
5. Collection to protect the iron connection cable, to prevent breaking leakage.
6. When using, do not let the children close to prevent children touching scalds.
7. After use, wait until the electric irons cool down before they can be collected.
8 Steam iron There is a drip switch at the front of the handle, once drip to the iron plate, when the temperature is high, the water evaporates into steam and is ejected from the bottom hole. The iron plate temperature is too low, and the water can not evaporate to form a water leakage. Press again to shut off the water.