Whisk maintenance methods


1, Must be cleaned daily after use of the mixer: the mixing ball, stirring fan, mixing tank removed clean, rinse with water when cleaning, can not beat the blender.
2, Weekly to clean the machine, the application of wet towel wipe the device, not flush the device with water to prevent water into the electrical or bearing internal, resulting in equipment damage.
3, Add lubricant to the sliding parts inside the machine every month, and add wear-resistant gear oil inside the gear box.
4, Check the tightness of the belt to prevent the belt slipping, damage the belt.
Note the use of whisk
1, There must be protective ground.
2, Keep the machine working smoothly, can not work under shaking.
3, Can not be washed with water equipment.
4, Can not be excessive mixing.
5, Such as fan mixing stuffing, please use the following five files stir.