Whisk type


    Manual eggbeater

    Manual egg whisk common for stainless steel, used to send cream, protein and so on. There are different sizes, according to the size of the needs of choice. It's one of the essential baking tools when making West Point. Manual egg whisk is mainly used for playing eggs, whipped cream and mixing materials. To the more dense iron, harder is better. Suggest that you buy a good quality, because this tool is the most commonly used in baking.
Electric whisk

    Electric egg beater faster, easy to make the cake bake batter surface gluten, so it is best to use a manual mixer to stir the batter. If you do not have an electric egg beater, you can make a perfect West Point with a manual egg beater. Electric egg beater is divided into portable electric egg beater and seat with bucket electric mixer.

    Portable electric whisk

    This mixer on the market mostly 180W-300W power, it is recommended to choose about 250-300W is appropriate. Power is too small, it is not easy to send things, the product is also easy to burn. Another very important point is that it is equipped with a whisk and stirring hook. For health, it is recommended to buy stainless steel.

    Block with electric bucket mixer

    In fact, this is based on the hand-drawer plus a base, put a rotating mixing bucket above, so that is convenient and effort. Generally with a bucket of egg beater and surface, then the cost is relatively high. Egg when you can separate, into a portable electric whisk. Generally 300-500W power.