Why You Need A Juice Extractor and How to Choose


Fruit is a juicy and sweet fruit, not only rich in nutrients and can help digestion. Fruits are collectively referred to as part of the edible plant fruits and seeds. Fruits have lower blood pressure, slow down aging, weight loss, skin care, eyesight, anti-cancer, lower cholesterol and other health effects.

General Juicer include: host, blade, filter knife net, juice mouth, push fruit stick, juice cup, pizza barrel, roof. Most can be used for mixing, cutting, grinding, meat, crushed ice and juice. squeezed fruit juice is richer than the bottled fruit juice and taste better.

Material: preferred food grade 304 stainless steel, this material magnets can not breathe, corrosion-resistant easy to clean. Plastic and stainless steel can be sucked by the iron, fruit juice is easy to be oxidized, the material is easy to be fruit juice corrosion, rust and produce bacteria.

Power: the preferred high-power juicer, recommended 800W and above power, the greater the power, the faster the speed, the higher the juice rate, and greater than 26,000 rev / min speed juicer, can break fruit cell membrane, release more nutrients and taste better.

Knife net design: knife net is easy to wear parts, the current home appliance industry has introduced a titanium coated with a knife net, greatly improve the hardness and service life of the knife net. The diameter of the knife net is also an important indicator, the diameter of the knife network can continue to keep the juice rate, the diameter of the knife net easy to be blocked juice, can not be lasting.

Juicers extractors are very useful for people's daily life, juices are more nutritious, compared to bottled drinks is more healthier, more suitable for pregnant women and children.