Will you choose an air purifier?


   Specific reference is as follows:
   The amount of air: a good air purifier ventilation rate must be fast, that is, large air volume, in the product specification to (m3 / h) to express the value of the bigger the better.
   Purification efficiency: the choice of high efficiency of purification products, the specific can see the removal of solid particles, volatile organic compounds removal rate, formaldehyde removal rate, these three indicators are usually expressed as a percentage, the greater the value the better.
   Filter: the mainstream of the air purifier has 3 to 4 layer filter, like the Royal air purifier has 5 to 6 layers, each layer of the filter for different pollutants, such as: the front filter can absorb small dust Granules and hair; deodorant filter refers to the activated carbon filter, you can remove the smell of sweat, pet smell and other odor; formaldehyde removal filter is specifically for formaldehyde; HEPA dust filter used to remove mite dust, pollen, bacteria, second Smoke, dust and other small particles; humidification filter is the icing on the cake of the things. The lower the cost of the filter, the better the filter the better, but not all the filters you need, vary, vary from place to place, mainly to see what you want to deal with. Need to pay special attention to the replacement of the filter frequency and the cost of the filter, how long to replace once, in fact, according to the use of frequency and pollution level may be, according to experience, the basic than the business mark the time limit of about one-third. Before buying, to calculate a long-term account.
   Noise: as long as no more than 30 decibels, it will not affect the sleep, the night in the bedroom, then choose to have a silent function of it Non-silent mode noise will certainly affect the sleep, this can refer to non-inverter air conditioner in the normal work of the sound.
   Applicable area: If the housing area is too large, no matter how good the air purifier is also powerless. It is recommended to buy an effective area of about 2 times the ambient area of your air purifier.