Yeast when baking donuts


The quality of raw materials will greatly affect the product. The quality of yeast is of paramount importance for donuts that use yeast fermentation. Good yeast must be persistent, to ensure product quality.

As a living organism, yeast can produce a good fermentation effect if it follows the manufacturer's instructions and creates special conditions suitable for the growth of yeast. Taking care of the yeast is the key to making the perfect donut, which involves every aspect of the donut making process, including storage, mixing, proofing and baking. Yeast can be stored at room temperature, can also be stored in the refrigerator, freezer. Unpacked yeast should be stored in a sealed container and stored in a freezer or freezer. In addition, in order to ensure the quality of yeast, pay special attention to the production date and expiration date on the package.

Although every aspect of donut making may affect the yeast's fermentation, the most important phase is the wake-up phase. When proofing, the yeast will absorb the sugar in the donut, releasing carbon dioxide. The release of carbon dioxide will increase the size of the donut. In this process, there are many factors that affect yeast, such as proofing time, temperature, humidity and so on. The process of proofing is crucial. Improper proofing can affect the fat absorption, taste, texture and shape of the finished donut. It is also very important to control these conditions during the proofing process to ensure the continuity of proofing.

Yeast is a very important ingredient in making donuts. When making donuts, give priority attention to the quality of yeast and yeast care. Only by doing this can we make delicious donuts.