Product features


Advanced unique patented technology, the use of high temperature and high pressure steam, to clean the floor, doors and Windows and clothing stains; Can also be surface sterilization, remove dust and bacteria, environmental health. Automatic control of heating, can produce steam continuously, convenient for cleaning. Pure high pressure steam, do not add any chemical preparation, totally green.  safety burning air defense design, the pot body internal water heated to steam and dry container, can automatically cut off the power and anti-aircraft fire. High sensitivity of the constant temperature device, can provide 135 ℃ high temperature steam, disinfection sterilization. With the function of automatic relief of relief valve, steam pressure is too high in the container, automatic open pressure relief. Equipped with three pin plug with ground, containers and hot plate grounding, use safety. Extended double insulation of the power cord, can effectively separate the water boiling water, dust, to ensure safety,  durable ultra thick wall aluminum alloy die-casting pot body design, high pressure resistance, long service life. All plastic shell, using Japan imported high quality raw materials PP, PA, corrosion resistance, high strength.  energy-saving special hair heat pipe with the pot body integration design and comprehensive heating, high thermal efficiency, more energy efficient. Double shell structure, which can effectively prevent heat loss, environmental protection and energy saving.  convenient plugged in, immediately began to heat; Heated to the specified temperature and pressure steam button, continuous, easy to operate. Equipped with a complete cleaning accessories, convenient installation, can clean the Windows and doors, floors and clothing, strong adaptability.