Start the procedure


Start the operation steps: 1) open the drain valve injector exit; 2) open the injector inlet valve, the pipeline and injector preheated and the 5-10 minutes of the warm; 3) gradually up steam valve, observe the flash tank pressure, should be negative pressure; 4) micro open water valve, let the water slowly into the flash tank, the tank preheating 5-10 minutes; 5) gradually open the water valve, and pay close attention to the stress of tank, tank pressure cannot be more than 0.2 MPa, otherwise should turn down fill valve; 6) should be paid attention to control the water level, the drain tank to ensure normal automatic inflow of scanty water drain tank; 7) steam and condensate and flash tank parameters is normal, but slow mixing injector exit steam into the deaerator heating steam pipeline, and slowly closed hydrophobic