Sweep the floor machine


Before work, check the vehicle power supply work indicating meter power supply is normal, the instrument using the normal, road chi clean sweep the floor machine check whether there is any remaining waste on rear garbage bucket; 2) after use clean vehicle in time, keep the car for looks; 3) check the fastening screw, can not have loose screw; 4) the vehicle to keep good work condition, reduce the number of failures and accidents. Prolong the service life of the vehicle; 5) after work, open the shock to open close the extra dust shaking to keep the internal clean garbage bucket. Note 1) in 2, driving the vehicle starts, slow running, monitoring the running state. Confirm the rear motor axis of normal operation, can run normally; 2) in abnormal situation, should promptly notify the relevant management personnel, waiting for the maintenance and troubleshooting; 3) when the electricity prompt timely send sweeping machine to charge before reach the lower limit of power; 4) car when cleaning the road, we should pay attention to easy to gather the leaves, passing intensive sections;