The instructions on the steam electric iron


Before use, please the voltage is required for this electric iron voltage is consistent with your home. 2. There may be a little odor produced iron heating for the first time, after a short period of time after use, this phenomenon will disappear. 3. When iron on electricity, the user shall not be allowed to leave, do not let the children close to the iron. 4. Electrical safety earth wire has been shipped on the power plug, the user may not changes the plug. 5. When you are in use or after use, during to iron water or water and leave for a while, please pull the plug, to set the steam press the button to the closed position. And the iron erect on the heel. 6. Iron must use and placed on a smooth surface. 7. Iron rotation on its pedestal, shall ensure that the bearing point of stable and reliable. 8. The iron plate is very high and the temperature of the steam electric iron out, avoid scald, this shall not be used when using hand to touch in the use of the iron plate. 9. Don't let the power cord touch hot plate in use the iron. Do not use this product in the stipulated scope of use. 10. In order to prolong the service life of electric iron steam channel, the tank should be injected into cold water or pure water. Do not use acid such as sediment with hard water. Turn off the steam button, after using, then shake and empty the water in the tank. 11. Any damage and the power cord when the iron under the condition of the damaged, do not use again, please contact the distributor or by similar has the qualifications of professional maintenance staff to deal with, don't change without authorization remove, unqualified disassembling can cause dangerous. 12. Do not use organic solvent cleaning tank, in order to avoid corrosion of bottom plate. 13. Add water when the water, please unplug the power cord.